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Episode 89: Bloodless anemia treatment, antibiotics for necrotizing pancreatitis, and alternative rock to teach pathophysiology

In this episode I’ll: 1. Discuss an article about bloodless treatment of anemia. 2. Answer the drug information question “Which antibiotics should be given to a patient with necrotizing pancreatitis?” 3. Share a resource I use to teach pathophysiology. Article Outcomes of Protocol-Driven Care of Critically Ill Severely Anemic Patients for Whom Blood Transfusion Is […]


Episode 88: Treatment of loperamide cardiac toxicity

In this episode, I’ll discuss the treatment of loperamide toxicity. Loperamide is often referred to as “the poor man’s methadone”. It has been used as both a drug of abuse and as a way of self-treating opioid withdrawal.  The dose used in loperamide abuse far exceeds the labelled 16 mg/day maximum, with some patients taking […]


Episode 87: Platelet transfusions may cause harm in ICH, why alteplase contraindications got changed, and a resource for learning how to recognize ECG rhythms

In this episode I’ll: 1. Discuss an article about using platelet infusions to treat intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) from antiplatelet medications. 2. Answer the drug information question “Why were the contraindications to alteplase for acute ischemic stroke changed?” 3. Share a resource I used to learn how to recognize ECG rhythms. Article Platelet transfusion versus standard […]


Episode 86: Updated intravenous lipid emulsion in drug toxicity guidelines

In this episode I’ll discuss updated toxicology guidelines when using intravenous lipid emulsion (ILE) for drug toxicity.   Back in episode 30 I discussed the use of ILE for drug toxicity.  In April 2016 the American College of Medical Toxicology published guidance for using ILE.     The most significant change to the ILE recommendations is […]


Episode 85: Earplugs for preventing ICU delirium, dextrose solutions in ischemic stroke, and a great way to get your drug information questions answered

In this episode I’ll: 1. Share an article about using earplugs to reduce ICU delirium. 2. Answer the drug information question: “Should dextrose containing solutions be avoided in ischemic stroke patients?” 3. Share the resource I used to answer the drug information question. Article The Efficacy of Earplugs as a Sleep Hygiene Strategy for Reducing […]


Episode 84: Chemical sedation for acute agitation

In this episode I’ll discuss chemical sedation for acute agitation. Chemical sedation is part of the array of options to treat acute agitation. Prevention strategies, verbal de-escalation techniques, and physical restraints also play a role in the prevention and management of acute agitation. The ideal first line medications to use for rapid tranquilization of an […]

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