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Episode 99: Guidelines on acute kidney injury in ICU, IV push antibiotics in sepsis, and a workflow diagram resource

In this episode I’ll: 1. Discuss a new guideline on Acute kidney injury in ICU patients. 2. Answer the drug information question “What do you think about IV push antibiotics in sepsis?” 3. Share a resource for creating workflow diagrams. Article Acute kidney injury in the perioperative period and in intensive care units (excluding renal […]


Episode 98: Is there a pro-ketamine bias in the #FOAMed community?

In this episode I’ll discuss whether there is a pro-ketamine bias in the #FOAMed community. Click here if you’d like to help me pick the title for my new book about inpatient medical emergencies for pharmacists. Ketamine is a uniquely useful drug. I discussed the use of ketamine in critical care in episode 16. Ketamine checks […]


Episode 97: Sedative choice and infection risk, phentolamine vs terbutaline for extravasation, and crowd sourced medical lecture notes

In this episode I’ll: 1. Discuss an article about sedation choice and infection risk. 2. Answer the drug information question “Is phentolamine superior to terbutaline for treatment of extravasation?” 3. Share a resource for crowd-sourced medical lecture notes. Article The Relationship Between Sedatives, Sedative Strategy, and Healthcare-Associated Infection: A Systematic Review Lead Author: Daniel A. […]


Episode 96: Magnesium sulfate use in critical care

In this episode I’ll discuss the use of magnesium sulfate in critical care. Shout out to listener “Pharmacy Alex” for suggesting this topic! When I think of magnesium in critical care, 3 uses come to mind: 1. Prevention of recurrent eclamptic seizures 2. Adjunctive therapy in life-threatening asthma exacerbations 3. Treatment of torsades / polymorphic […]


Episode 95: Ketamine blow darts, amiodarone and contrast media cross-sensitivity, and antibiotic breakpoint information

In this episode I’ll: 1. Discuss evidence on the efficacy of ketamine IM for acute behavioral emergencies. 2. Answer the drug information question “Can a patient with an allergy to contrast media receive amiodarone?” 3. Share a resource for antimicrobial stewards. Article Ketamine as Rescue Treatment for Difficult-to-Sedate Severe Acute Behavioral Disturbance in the Emergency […]


Episode 94: Flumazenil. Huh! What is it good for? (Almost) Absolutely nothing! or Does flumazenil cause seizures in benzodiazepine overdose?

In this episode I’ll discuss the use of flumazenil. Shout out to “Pharmacy Ashkan” for suggesting this topic and sending many of the references that are linked in this episode. Flumazenil is a competitive benzodiazepine receptor inhibitor. It is classified as an antidote to benzodiazepines. Indications The approved indications for flumazenil are: – Reversal of […]

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